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Get all of your HVAC needs handled

Our services don't begin and end with air quality or sheet metal work - they also include heating and air conditioning services, including installation and repairs for all makes and models!

You can get a FREE replacement system estimate!


Take care of your air with expert work from our professionals

Your air quality is more important than you think, and regular filters aren't enough to keep allergens and pollutants out. Whether you have breathing issues or not, you'll breathe better after our air quality services.


Our custom sheet metal products include custom copper, as well as color clad metals for roofing, siding, and flashing.


With 24/7 assistance and service for all makes, models, and types of systems, there's no reason to call anyone besides Harmon Heating & Cooling!

Custom zoning and much more

Professional sheet metal work High quality metal work

Military members and senior citizens get a 10% discount on all of our HVAC services!

 •  Humidifiers / dehumidifiers

 •  Air cleaners (electronic and media)

 •  Programmable thermostats

 •  Custom sheet metal

 •  Custom zoning

 •  Standing seam roofing

Get the best brands around

  • ColorKlad

  •  All makes and models serviced

  •  Affordable prices

hpa200-true-hepa-large-room-air-purifier-with-allergen-remover-black aprilaire-model-5000-air-purifier